Empowering Healthcare
through Data Technology


Our Story

We all have had family and friends who have suffered from delayed (or even incorrect) diagnosis. We know people who continue to drive self-treatment, often enabled by myths. Many doctors have limited access to timely diagnostics, and therefore rely on empirical treatment.

At THB, we are building a transformative Data Technology Platform to enable data and evidence driven healthcare and deliver game changing customer experience and care.

Our platform is solving first principles of healthcare:

Timely, accurate

Strengthening empirical treatment with evidence /
decision support


Information asymmetry and personalized education

We are harnessing the power of data and technology to empower healthcare enterprises, researchers, practitioners, and innovators to perform medical miracles, solve medical mysteries and overcome the biggest healthcare challenges.

Our Values

Be Humble

We don’t boast about ourselves. We don’t make noise out of our achievements. We realize that this journey of creating something novel for this world, will have its ups and downs. We continue to stay focused and committed, irrespective of what comes our way. We are running a marathon here, and we like to stay grounded and strong.

Stay in Touch

Some of our best colleagues, partners and customers have been those with whom we have stayed in touch, with no expectations of any tangible outcomes. We stay honest with our relationships, that helps us build robust and genuine network of long term friends and well-wishers.

Invest in R&D

On the path of creating novel solutions, we believe we must embrace all the ideas that come along our way. We keep discovering newer, creative solutions to the big problem we are solving. And for that reason, we maintain focus on continued R&D and continued improvement.

Deliver Excellence

Nothing, but the best. This is our motto in everything we do – product development, customer deliveries, support and maintenance, and growth opportunities. We move heaven and earth to deliver excellence.

Meet the Team

Akansh Khurana
Aditya S
Providers – Global
Rohit Agarwal
Providers – India
Dr. Chander Mohan Arora
Advisor - GCC
Bikram Sehgal
Consultant - GCC
Amit Shukla
Rohit Dua
Pharma - Global
Satish Srivastava
Vikram Anand
Nikhil Bhatnagar
Solutioning - Pharma
Devesh Garg
Kritika Tandon
Lavina Yadav
Clinical / Data Ops
Dr. Anuj Gupta
Sanjay Satish
Project Management
Ankur Maurya
HCP Connect
Gurveen Taneja
Customer Success
Akriti Jaiswal
Havishya Godara
Pushkin Negi
Patient Suite
Rajesh Pachar
Rohit Kumar
Mohit Malik
Sanchit Singhal


Our Investors

Our Investors

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