Standardize your healthcare data with us. All in real-time

Our proprietary Data Foundation approach is seamless to integrate with your existing systems and databases. We do everything in-house with no external support

No mismatch in clinical terminologies anymore

We use LOINCS and ICD codes to standardize data real-time

No duplicity across patients

We use a proprietary algorithm – combination of fuzzy logic, demographics, and clinical markers – to identify the unique patients


No more data integration hassles across systems

We use the most advanced tech stack, storage techniques and micro-service architecture to bring all your data together across systems, and to make it accessible through APIs

Clean / Usable datasets: Single source of truth

You can now leverage your datasets to uncover the full-potential it offers; we can help you personalize patient care and engagement, and drive clinical research

Every patient has custom needs. Personalize care for your patients

We hate the word "general". Our engagement engine offers best in class "personalization" for your patients

Proprietary disease prediction algorithms

Real-time micro-segmentation basis clinical parameters


Patient-friendly content for targeted education

Clinically validated protocols-backed automation

Our Team

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Akansh Khurana

Team 1

Rajesh Pachar

Team 1

Rohit Kumar

Chief of Analytics
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Dr. Manmohan Singh

Medical Director
Team 1

Satish Srivastava

Sales Director
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Aditya Raj Kapoor

Operations Director

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